The ACC project was carefully planned over several years. More phases will be added as money is raised and funds become available. The property has been acquired in 1995, and the first multipurpose building is in full use for everyone. There is ample parking, playgrounds, a large pond, and sports playing fields. The design of the Center incorporates Arab forms, architecture, art and symbolism.  The Multipurpose Building has approximately 16,000 square feet on 2 floors. It is a place to meet and visit anytime, with reception areas, classrooms, offices, lounge areas, and a large Banquet Hall that can house seated dinner functions for 450 guests, and a variety of other community functions.  The Banquet Hall is designed for wide community participation, with a stage and available sound system. It is available for the Center activities, as well as rental by individuals or outside groups. 

The building is surrounded by terraces and patios, fields for outdoor sports, playgrounds and picnic areas. Another phase includes the Library and Grand Atrium with a large domed skylight, providing a strong formal entry to the Center with its circular drive, fountains and sculptures.        
Future phases include a covered arena for outdoor functions and activities, and a Library with a Grand Atrium and a domed skylight, with its circular drive, fountains and sculptures. The design of the Center incorporates Arab forms, architecture, art and symbolism. When completed, the Center’s buildings and landscaping will be impressive when viewed from any angle.

Preserving a Rich Heritage

 After more than 100 years of immigration, assimilation, and growth in the United States and in Houston, Arab-Americans and friends and supporters have developed a place where their culture, art, and language are now highlighted and preserved for future generations. ACC is a facility to gather and celebrate holidays and festive occasions among friends, as well as a place where children can play and learn about the Arab World impressive history and heritage. On 13 acres of land, near US Highway 59 South and Beltway 8 (Sam Houston Toll way) in Southwest Houston, and within 15 minutes from the Galleria, the Arab American Cultural and Community Center was developed to serve the needs of Arab-Americans and the general community of Houston. ACC is non-profit, non-sectarian and non-political. The Center serves as our contribution to the community at large to use and enjoy in grateful thanks for all that we have received from this country.


Dr.  Abdel Kader Fustok


Mr. Imad Abdullah 

Mr. Naman Abou Awad

Mr. Abdullah Al-Dabibi

Mr. Farouk Attar


Dr.  Hatem Saqr

Dr.  Ahmed Rabie

Dr.  Kadreya Abou-Sayed


Mrs. Hoda Kardoush

Mr.  Mohammed Salhoot

Mr.  Anan Qaddumi

Dr.  Akila Zaafran

Founders & Current Board Members


The caring people of our community

Board Members

Jill Yaziji, Esq. Ph.D.

Ali Daher, CPA

Ahmad Alaswad

Abdel Elkhadiri

Immediate Past President
Mahmoud Rabie, Ph.D.

Board Members:

Wafa Abdin. Esq.

Abla Amin

Rachida Benamar

Lema Barazi. Esq.

Waleed Gaber, Ph.D.

Kamal Khalil, M.D.

Andrew Elkhoury. Esq.

Luna Madi

Ghaidaa Makki, DDS

Zak Patel, Esq.

Samir Tuma, M.D.

Faiza Zalila. Ph.D.

Past Presidents

Dr. Mahmoud Rabie

Dr. Abdel Kader Fustok


Mr. Imad Abdullah AIA


Dr. Bernard Albina


Dr. Hatem A. Saqr


Mr. Mohammed Salhoot


Mr. Jamal Marzouki


Dr. Aziz Shaibani


Mr. Ahmad Alyasin


Dr.  Samir Tuma  


Mrs. Wafa Abdin 


Mr. Abdel A. ElKhadiri


Dr. Kamal Khalil


Dr. Faiza Zalila