The Arab-American Cultural and Community Center (ACC) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization in Houston, Texas.  It is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors that elects an executive committee and a president to run the day to day business and supervise the office coordinator and the Center’s teachers and volunteers.

Since its inception in 1995, the ACC has been committed to fulfilling its mission of serving the Arab American community in Houston regardless of religion, nationality, ethnicity, gender or financial status.  Our goal is to serve the community through cultural programs, outreach and social services; promote Arab culture and heritage and foster a greater understanding of Arab Culture amongst the Houston community at large by serving as a liaison and resource center.  ACC aims to contribute to the integration of Arabs as Americans, to provide a forum for cultural, educational and recreational interaction, and opportunities for association and social contact. ACC provides a positive vision through sponsored programs, outreach and social services, especially for children as a main unifying element of the community.


ACC Functions and Programs

Arabic Language Classes for both adults and children every Saturday from 10AM to 2PM starting in September and ending in May. This year, we will be offering extra-curricular activities such as dabkah and soccer and elective classes such as French or Spanish. The monthly Fees are:

*ACC members: First child $80; second child $65; Adults $90.
*ACC non-members: First child $95; second child $80; Adults $100.

Summer Camp – for all children of the Houston Community starting in mid-June and ending in mid-August. The Camp will be held every Saturday from 10:00 AM to 1:30 PM. The program will include Arabic Language classes, Arts & Crafts: Make your own Accessories, Outdoor Activities, and other extra-curricular activities.  This year we sponsored a summer camp for 15 refugee kids in collaboration with Samurai, Martial Arts school.

The ACC is planning an after school program for refugee kids in collaboration with another non-profit organization.  We want to help refugee students excel at school.

Scholarship Program – that is designated to increase opportunities in all fields of study. The scholarship will be awarded to cover educational expenses on a per semester basis. The recipient may use the scholarship toward an Associate or Bachelor’s degree.

Career Counseling including networking workshops and job placement assistance especially for refugees.   This year we hosted an LDS Employment Career Workshop for Iraqi refugees.

Social Services: provides one-on-one assistance to refugees, new immigrants and to all families in need. Services would include case management, translation services, interpretation, access to public benefit, information and agencies referral, transportation and clothes donation.

Ladies Luncheons or Dinner Potluck  Ladies from our community as well as other communities come together and share different ideas, tradition, food and have lots of fun.

Annual Health and Safety Fair in coordination with Houston Police and Houston Fire Department. The fair provides a free health scanning for cholesterol, blood pressure, heart, dental, vision, and gives flu shots.

Cultural and Educational Events – We are happy to announce our fourth Annual National Arab American Heritage Festival in April which includes local and international artists. In addition, we regularly organize gallery visits and tours of the Art of the Islamic World Collection at the MFAH. We support local Arab artists &writers through exhibitions, book signings and other events and encourage our youth to participate and share their ideas with us.

Social Events  including family picnics, Iftar events during Ramadan, Egg hunt during Easter and events to remember to commemorate the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions and an event to remember and honor the sacrifices of the Lybian people.

Service Day – organized by our Americorps volunteers.  This year we partnered with NAAP and Al-Amaanah and were able to help about 40 children by providing free dental screenings and presentaions about oral hygiene and healthy eating habits.  A Karate instructor taught them some self-defense and karate moves.