ACC's Annual Unity & Friendship Gala


Currently, the ACC School has two main programs:
- Kids’ school: open for both Arabs and non-Arabs; designed primarily for families who wish for their kids to learn our beautiful Arabic language in order to maintain our identity and heritage. Many locals residents plan to eventually return home and the knowledge of Arabic will be essential quintessential in merging back in the culture.

- Adults’ school: open for Arab and non-Arabs wishing to improve on their knowledge or to learn the language. This program is also practical for those going on overseas assignments to the Middle East.

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ACC's Annual Unity & Friendship Gala

ACC's Annual Unity & Friendship Gala

Please join us at eh Arab American Cultural Center's Annual Unity & Friendship Gala, 2016

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Facility Rental Information
Plan your upcoming wedding, birthday, gala, graduation, and other celebrations with us!
Situated on 13 landscaped acres of land in the heart of southwest Houston.
Picnic tables, pond with covered pagoda on island and playground.
Ample on-site parking and easy access from Beltway 8 and Highway 59.
Hotel accommodation is within walking distance.

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ACC 2016-2017 Scholarship Announcement 


The Arab American Cultural and Community Center is pleased to announce the annual College Scholarship Program for Arab American students who seek or currently attend a College orUniversity. The application period will run from Monday, September 12th, 2016 to Friday, October 31st, 2016.

To apply for The Arab-American Cultural & Community Center Scholarship Program, please submit the following items in a neat package in a clear binder in the order:

1. Complete the attached application form. Must be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident, and of Arabic origins.

2. Submit two letters of recommendation from either your teachers and/or employers. These should state how long you have been acquainted, what the nature of the relationship is, comments about your character and abilities, and any other information you would like the committee to consider.

3. Prepare and attach an essay of at least 500 words (typed, double-spaced, 12 point font, no more than two pages long), describing your career goals, your reasons for choosing these goals and what you have done thus far to prepare yourself and how you hope to give back to your community one day. Please state any previous volunteer work for the ACC or any other non-profit organization.

4. Attach an official transcript of your grades from your high school and college (if you have begun taking classes).

5. A Signed commitment pledge to volunteer for the Arab American Center in Houston for at least 10 hours during the semester in which the scholarship was awarded.

Mail or bring in your packet to:

The Arab-American Cultural & Community Center 

10555 Stancliff Road

Houston, TX 77099

Attn: Scholarship Program

Application Submissions Deadline: Package must be received by October 31st, 2016.

Scholarship recipient will be notified

starting November 14th, 2016.

Please click here, then on the printer image to print the application







In alphabetical order according to the last name


Mr. Imad F. Abdullah, AIA
Mr. Naman Abou Awad
Mrs. Kadreya Abu Sayed, Ph.D.
Mr. Abdullah Al-Dabibi
Mr. Farouk Attar
Dr. Abdel Kader Fustok

Mr. Hatem Saqr
Dr. Samir Tuma
Mrs. Hoda Kardoush
Mr. Anan Qaddumi
Mr. Ahmed Rabie, Ph. D.
Mr. Mohammed Salhoot
Dr. Akila Zaafran